What We Do

Middletown Family Wellness provides Mental Health, Nutrition Counseling, Yoga, and Massage Therapy services to children, adults, and families. Our goal is to provide to you a range of scientifically proven health services in way that empowers you to be in charge of your own treatment options. We believe strongly in the power of lifestyle changes to reduce future risks or to lower the impact of debilitating conditions. We promise to take a holistic mindset toward toward healing that incorporates other medical disciplines and takes individual preferences into account. 

Services We Provide

Mental Health Services

  • Early Prevention and Screening Program for Children
  • Adult Maintenance and Prevention Program
  • Chronic Care and Long Term Management Services

Nutrition and Fitness Services

  • Nutritional Assessment & Counseling
  • Nutrition & Fitness Program
  • Nutrition Meal Plans
  • Group & Community Programs